Infant Sleep Webinars

The Durham Infancy & Sleep Centre research team offer two new webinar packages, providing training on the topics of Normal Infant Sleep, and Infant Sleep Safety. The training is aimed at health-care professionals whose roles put them in contact with parents, families and parents-to-be, although it will also be of use and interest to peer supporters, volunteers, and independent practitioners such as doulas, independent midwives, and breastfeeding supporters.

We currently offer two packages:

  • Normal Infant Sleep,
  • SIDS and Sleep Safety,

Each package begins with an introductory talk introducing the providers (DISC & BASIS) and the structure of the webcasts (20-30 mins), followed by 3 topical modules (approx. 1 hour each) and culminating with a 90-minute online discussion (5 hours in total).

Overview of package content:
Normal Infant SleepSIDS and Sleep Safety
Introduction to DISC, BASIS and the BASIS webinars
1. Infant Sleep Ecology1. Infant Sleep Ecology
2. Infant Sleep Development2. Safe Sleep & SIDS Research
3. Supporting parents with infant sleep disruption3. Communication with parents about Sleep Safety
Interactive webinar session with the BASIS team (scheduled, 90 mins)

Individuals wish to take part should sign up for a fixed-date interactive session via the Durham University booking site at least 2 weeks prior to the live session. Registered participants will receive links to the recorded webinars 2 weeks prior to their live discussion session to view at their leisure. Participants will be sent a link for their online discussion session with others in their cohort where members of the BASIS team will lead discussion and answer questions regarding the content of the webcasts or related issues. Upon completion of an entire package (webcasts and online discussion) access to the webcast material will end and a completion certificate will be provided.

We are currently updating our webinar packages and will have more information, including pricing and dates shortly

If you wish to book a training package for a group of 20 or more staff please email us at