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Latest updates

Latest updates

Parents often ask health practitoners about their baby’s sleep. Many simply need reassurance that their baby’s sleep habits are not unusual, but the advice health practitioners give must be evidence-based, and up-to-date. Keeping up with new research in all the areas you may be asked about is impossible. As infant sleep researchers our jobs involve keeping up-to-date on this topic — and as we get many queries from health practitioners asking about the most recent evidence — we created Basis to provide an authoritative source of research-based information on infant sleep.

You can use this site to catch up on the newest research studies about infant sleep, you can print off summaries for parents on particular topics, or you can direct parents here to read about the research for themselves.

Basis does not provide health advice or make individual recommendations. We do not know the circumstances surrounding the baby or family you may be working with. Health practitioners should use their clinical judgement in selecting appropriate information for the families they work with. Parents can also use the information provided here to inform their own decision making about their baby’s sleep and parents are encouraged to discuss issues with their GP or health visitor.

Basis provides information about normal infant sleep — we do not provide information about clinical conditions.

New Research & Publications

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