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Infant Sleep Info App

Infant Sleep Info App

The Infant Sleep Info website is full of helpful sleep info for parents and health practitioners, but it can be hard to read on a mobile device, especially a smart phone.

The Infant Sleep Info App provides key information from the Basis website in a handy format for mobile devices. Covering normal sleep development, sleep location and sleep safety the familiar info from the website is delivered in smaller chunks. Two features are exclusive to the app

  • A bed-sharing decision tool guides parents through the key considerations for safe bed-sharing, and explains when bed-sharing may be inadvisable and why.
  • A sleep log tool helps parents track their baby’s sleep, displaying this info on a chart depicting the range of normal sleep for infants of different ages to provide reassurance!

Download here from the Apple App Store

Download here from the Google Play store

Or search for ‘Infant Sleep Info’ or ‘Infant Sleep Info Durham Uni’ and locate the baby icon.

Key Features of Infant Sleep App
  • Bed-sharing decision tool.
  • Where will my baby sleep?
  • How will my baby sleep?
  • Sleep log to track baby’s sleep
  • Sleep safety and SIDS • Links to Basis info sheets.
  • Links to Basis partner organisations
Frequently asked questions about the app

1. How much does the Basis app cost? Nothing! It is free 🙂

2. Is this a new app? Yes the previous version required updating for the new iOS update, so we redesigned the app, refreshed the look and the content, and added several new info sections. The old app has now been withdrawn.